the naked truth

One man and seven characters illustrate healing truths many brothers want to say but can't or won't articulate. Why won't they? If they did, society has already considered a man who speaks openly about his troubles as, "weak", "effeminate" or "soft." Why would they?

Throughout this play, the audience will see where brothers struggle in the act of doing right. Additionally, inside each character, the audience will note there is a place where sisters can help brothers become better men while not enabling them to become dependent on their support. Why? A strong Black family is a household of two INTERdependent people.

From why some don't get tested for HIV, the power of absent fathers to how Black men overcome insurmountable obstacles, this show builds the viewer. This isn't a male bashing play. Nor is it one for women who indulge in coddling deadbeat boy/men. This is to bridge a gap between “conscious ignorance” and “common sense answers” for the sole purpose of changing the climate of Black love, homes and families… one stage at a time.